A tribute to all those dead links in the vast depth of the web
which lost their reason for existence
due to poor quality assurance
by unheeding web masters.

You will never be forgotten.

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  1. Jens O. Meiert · 252 days ago · #

  2. I think it would be great if this site could be extended to become a king of digital age pillory for the worst dead-link-offenders…(there are many companies and institutions out there, who drive me nuts by permanently changing uri-schemes)

    Stecki · 2347 days ago · #

  3. R.I.P

    Tobias Otte · 2352 days ago · #

  4. RIP, dead links.

    – Brilliant.

    Jens Meiert · 2352 days ago · #

  5. May I offer my sincerest condolences, and express my gratitude for the invaluable service these links gave to all of us until their very last moment?

    — Steve Digson · 2353 days ago · #

  6. Despite all the havoc dead links rot piles up on the web people – isn’t it comforting that fresh links are born to the web as we speak?

    Robert · 2353 days ago · #